Why You Should Try a Class at Earth & Aerial Yoga

If you’ve ever seen photos of aerial yoga and thought – “I could never do that!” – you’re not alone! As the self-titled least-coordinated person in Massachusetts, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get the hang of fitness while floating in the air. But after trying classes at Earth & Aerial Yoga in Hudson, I’m hooked.

Learn more about why you’ll love these yoga classes, key first-timer tips, and other helpful information for starting your aerial journey right here in Central Massachusetts.

Disclosure: I was gifted some classes on behalf of Earth and Aerial Yoga (I’ve subsequently purchased classes). As always, all opinions are my own.

Disclaimer: Check with a doctor prior to beginning any new exercise program.

A woman sitting in an aerial yoga silk at Earth and Aerial Yoga.

What is aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga allows you to do many traditional yoga poses while suspended in the air using a silk fabric. The hammock-like fabric supports your weight, allowing you to move more freely than you may have on the ground.

In fact, you may find it easier to do certain inverted poses using the silk to support your weight compared to a traditional class.

Don’t worry though – not every pose is fully suspended in the air; some of the poses are done with one or both feet on the ground while the silk is simply used for stretching or supporting.

My personal aerial experience

I walked into my first class not knowing anyone there, and was quite worried that I wouldn’t be strong enough or coordinated enough! I’m a cardio-lover by nature, and yoga definitely does not come naturally to me.

But the Earth & Aerial Yoga Essentials class walks you through exactly how to do all the key poses, and the instructor was super welcoming. I found many of the movements far more intuitive and simpler than I expected.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a few poses I struggle with, haha. (And a true yogi will probably notice imperfections in many of these pictures). But overall, you’ll likely be surprised at how easy it is to get into some of the poses that look crazy complicated in photos.

After that first essentials class, I’ve taken other essentials classes (I love them!), the all levels classes, and the flow and restore classes. I even convinced my hubby to come with me to the special partners class they have coming up!

A woman upside down at an aerial yoga class in Massachusetts.

What are the benefits of aerial yoga?

Aerial classes are great for:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Body awareness
  • Breathing
  • Having fun! Seriously, it’s a blast.

Who can attend aerial classes?

Almost anyone! Women or men, older or younger, athletic or basic level of fitness… the studio is very welcoming. They offer classes for adults as well as kids and tweens/teens. (I’m surprising my kiddo with these for Christmas!).

And don’t worry if you aren’t naturally flexible or coordinated – the instructors give lots of guidance throughout the class and modifications as needed.

However, there are some medical conditions that are contraindicated for aerial yoga – you can find them on the FAQ page here.

How do I get started?

To get started, visit their schedule and sign up for an Essentials class. This is the beginner “pre-req” for all the other classes, because it walks you through the basics and teaches you the poses. (Don’t feel like it’s a one-and-done though – I really like going regularly to the essentials classes).

A drop-in class currently runs $30. And they’ve got an amazing new student special if this is your first time trying it out – just $79 for unlimited classes for 30 days.

If you decide to stick with it, there are many membership and class pass options.

A woman taking an aerial yoga class at Earth and Aerial Yoga.

Is there a weight limit?

As a curvier woman, this is one of the questions I personally had when starting!

Earth & Aerial yoga recommends that anyone over 200 pounds contact them and take a private lesson first. This allows the instructor to give more personalized attention and modifications – much more than can be done during a first-time group class.

That way, you can learn the poses and any necessary adjustments for your body size – and walk away feeling accomplished, empowered, and ready for future classes.

What should I wear/bring to my first aerial yoga class?

The studio recommends wearing clothing that is close-fitting but comfortable. They recommend shirts with sleeves (either long or short) and either full-length or capri leggings or workout pants. It’s best to avoid tank tops or shorts, because the silk can occasionally pinch if it catches bare skin.

You’ll also want to wear grippy socks (if you’ve got ’em – don’t sweat it if you don’t) and bring a yoga mat with you. Skip any jewelry or anything that could get caught in the silk.

PS – as of December 2021, masks are still required in the studio – so don’t forget to bring that with you too!

A woman doing a tree pose in an aerial silk above a yoga mat.

What about motion sickness?

One fear many new aerial yogis have is getting a little queasy. I can attest to this personally – my first class definitely left me a little woozy. But after taking more classes and gaining experience, it’s gotten better each time. (And I’m always still excited for the next class on the schedule!)

Here’s a few tips that I’ve come across or others have shared that may help:

  • Try keeping your eyes open while in the silk so you can match what you’re seeing with what you’re feeling.
  • Don’t hesitate to raise your hand when the instructor asks if anyone would like them to help you stop swaying.
  • Put a little peppermint essential oil on your wrists and temples before class. I really like this NOW roller (disclosure – NOW is a client of mine).
  • Try drinking an iced peppermint tea before and/or after class (huge props to the lady in class that gave me this tip!)
  • Be prepared with a mint candy to pop after class.
  • Eat the right amount before a class – sometimes eating nothing at all OR eating too much can contribute to nausea. (That’s the RD side of me speaking).
  • Don’t be afraid to just come out of the silk for a minute if you need to. I always let the instructors know before we start that I might pop out of a pose early if I start to feel woozy. I’ve found that just standing or sitting on solid ground for a few minutes is all I need to “re-balance” and feel ready to go again.
A woman in mountain pose at an aerial yoga studio in Hudson.

The Final Word

My experience at Earth & Aerial Yoga has been nothing short of amazing. The instructors are kind and encouraging, the classes are so fun, and the studio is lovely (I took one evening class last month when it was lightly snowing and it was so beautiful doing the class and seeing that out the big studio windows).

I highly recommend you give it a try! (PS – this is a perfect experience gift to ask family for this holiday season!)

Share: Have you done aerial yoga before? If you have, what did you think? If you haven’t and you’re local, I’d love for you to come join me for a class!

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