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We’re excited to bring you the best places to visit, eat, hike, and have fun in Central Massachusetts. For everything from local events to a day trip in nearby towns to a summer vacation in New England, we cover what’s going in and around the area.

There are countless hidden gems around these parts that are definitely worth exploring.  Our goal is always to provide you with fresh ideas on where to go and what to do.

In addition to local events and attractions, we also share fun printables and activities for families.  We know that it’s not always easy to wrangle up the family for an outing or event, so we hope this content provides you with additional inspiration for things to do both at home and around town.

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This site is run by Chrissy Carroll, a full time blogger and Bolton, Massachusetts resident.  Chrissy’s lived in Massachusetts since 2003, having attended Boston University for her undergraduate degree in nutrition, and has been in the Central Mass area since 2014.  She loves all the splendor that this state has to offer and is excited to share it with you.

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Happy exploring!