Hudson’s Wild Hare Restaurant Review: A Delicious Experience!

If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast or lunch that will tantalize your taste buds, then you need to check out Wild Hare in Hudson. This eatery offers a wide variety of dishes that are sure to please everyone in your group. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, with both indoor and outdoor seating. We highly recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for a fantastic dining experience!

The counter at Wild Hare.

The Food

Currently, Wild Hare serves breakfast and lunch (with plans to eventually expand to dinner).

The menu features a mashup of European and American cafĂ© cuisine – think upscale (but affordable) millennial favorites. Note that the menu is updated from time to time, so be sure to take a peek at it on their website if you’re curious about the most up to date version.

While we didn’t get there in time for breakfast, the menu definitely has me intrigued for next time. Highlights include:

  • Overnight oats made with oats, coconut milk, banana, and peanut butter.
  • Mushroom toast, featuring sourdough toast with roasted oyster mushrooms, ricotta, a poached egg, and lardons.
  • Wild Hare breakfast sammie – A brioche bun stuffed with maple sausage, gruyere cheese, egg, and tomato jam – with a side of habanero hot sauce.

We instead ventured over for lunch – here’s a snapshot of the menu on the day we went:

Wild Hare Menu.

While I’ll share our order below, I definitely want to test out the Croque Monsieur and the Spanish Meatball Sandwich another time!

The Beer

Wild Hare isn’t where you’ll go to get craft cocktails or wine; their focus is on beer – which is a welcome offering, since craft beer is always my drink of choice.

They offer beer brewed by Medusa Brewing Company (under the same ownership). The current beer menu offered:

  • Varlet – a Berliner Weisse
  • Categorie 2 – Belgian style grisette
  • Oakwright Pils – Foeder conditioned pilsner
  • Transcontinental – American pale ale
  • Oliver Hazard – English style IPA
  • Hither & Yon – Flanders style brown ale
  • Chardonnay Barrel Bad Omen – Barrel aged Belgian pale ale with fruit
  • Bourbon Barrel Archaism – Barrel aged Imperial stout
  • Dectuple Hundo – Belgian style tripel with fruit
A woman drinking a beer at a restaurant.

Our Experience

The hubby and I went on a random weekday lunch date for food and drinks. When you arrive, you can grab a menu at the counter then seat yourself. We opted for a spot outside in the sun, fully soaking in one of the first really nice days of the season.

You just go back up to the counter when you’re ready to order. They’ll give you you’re drinks right there, and give you a buzzer to go sit back down with, which will go off when the food is ready.

I ordered the “Wild Hare of the Dog”, a hot dog topped with tomato jam, beer cheese, and onion crisps, served with a mixed green salad. At just six bucks, it’s one of the best buys I could imagine for a lunch out.

A hot dog and salad at the Wild Hare.

The hot dog was juicy and flavorful, the tomato jam added a lovely sweetness, and the beer cheese added a rich element. The onion crisps were a nice touch – they added both flavor and crunch to the dish.

Also, I don’t know what kind of dressing they used on my mixed green salad – some kind of honey mustard I believe? – but it was delightful. I could have eaten a whole additional plate of those tender greens tossed in that dressing.

My husband ordered the Porchetta Sandwich, which featured roasted pork belly porchetta with garlic aioli and greens on ciabatta bread (and served with a side salad).

A porchetta sandwich and side salad.

The pork belly was perfectly cooked – succulent and tender. The ciabatta bread had that nice slightly crisp crust with a soft, chewy center (which is, of course, the absolute best texture for bread).

For our drinks, I ordered the Varlet, which I’d had before at Medusa. It’s light and crisp, with only 3.5% alcohol, which made it perfect for sipping mid work day on a Friday, haha.

My husband ordered the Dectuple Hundo, which he enjoyed. (At 12% alcohol that’s a little strong for my own tastes, but I know he’s a fan of more robust beers like that.)

Plan Your Visit

Wild Hare is currently open Tuesday through Sunday, 7am to 3pm. They’re located at the main entrance of The Landing at Hudson Mills in suite B102. If you park in the north parking lot, you’ll spot the outdoor seating by the main entrance. If you park in the south parking lot, enter that lobby and walk down a few stairs next to the elevator and you’ll spot it.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a delicious, reasonably priced meal in a cozy setting – with great beer to boot – then Wild Hare is the place for you. We highly recommend paying them a visit!

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